Top 20 most beautiful women in the world in 2018 (Photos)

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Top 20 most beautiful women in the world in 2018 (Photos)

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world in 2018? Millions of people are in search for gorgeous and famous ladies every year, and there are not too many changes on the list of who is considered the most beautiful on the planet. Let us show you the photos of these amazing women who are not only good-looking but also smart, intelligent and successful.


Is it possible to name only one lady? Can we select the most beautiful woman on the planet?

Unfortunately, no, because every person has a unique taste for appearance and character qualities. In other words, if I consider Lady A the most beautiful woman, you can consider Lady B worth this title. Moreover, we will not agree on this as our tastes differ.

Some people love tall ladies, other consider short women the most gorgeous, etc. Thus, we will list more than one impressive woman. Some will be self-made; others originate from famous and successful families.

We are sure you will love them all, even though there is no particular order in this selection.


While beauty is an impressive noun that can combine person’s special aura, physical appeal, character and personal specs, the most beautiful woman in the world 2018 can be an actress, famous politics, TV host, supermodel, sports lady, celebrity or just anyone else. She needs to have those remarkable features that make her stand out and be attractive to millions of women and men from all over the planet.



The 30-year-old numerous Grammy winner is really amazing. She is gorgeous, stylish, modern, and loved by millions of fans. Besides, she is not only one of the most beautiful women but also extremely rich (experts say her net worth is approximately 245 million U.S. dollars).

She deserves being number one on our list, but once again, our ranking has no particular order. Rihanna is one of the top viewed artistes on the planet. Her songs and performances have billions of views, that is why we have started this list with her name.


She is tall. She is hot. She is only 33 years old. Gal has become a top world actress. You know this Wonder Woman, and she is definitely worth the title of one of the most beautiful woman in the world 2018.


This famous celebrity from Denmark is a tall and gorgeous woman. The actress’ salary is one of the top in the world. Her lovely appearance, hardworking character, and impressive personality make her an interesting and awesome person. She is 32 years old, and she doesn’t look her age. Do you agree?


The hot actress is best known for her role of Anastasia Steele. She took part in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie franchise, which made her extremely popular. Millions of men from all over the world find Dakota one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her impressive eyes, slim body, and acting talent make this American actress a very influential fashion icon.


The gorgeous star who played impressive roles in Mean Girls, Allie in the Notebook, and many other fun movies, Rachel McAdams, is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She became a happy mother this year. She also has won some cool awards for her roles in the films and still looks very stylish and fresh as she would celebrate her 40th birthday later this year.


This 33-year-old gorgeous woman is a famous American actress who received the amazing BAFTA award, great model, and lovely singer. She is featured in numerous impressive movies, and her beautiful face makes her one of the most amazing women on our planet. Scarlett is added to the rankings of the most beautiful women every year.


Who hasn’t watched or at least heard of the Game of Thrones? This fantasy TV series is one of the most popular shows for the last couple of years. Emilia’s role of Danaerys Targaryen has made her famous. This 31-year-old actress from the UK is famous across the globe and is considered to be the most gorgeous lady on the planet by a huge army of her fans.


This impressive blonde actress is an icon of style. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world of all time thanks to her tall height, beautiful body, and lovely smile. We are sure that millions of girls love her Serena Van Der Woodsen character from Gossip Girl and enjoy watching other films with this beautiful American star.


The beautiful English model has recently turned 28 years old. She is tall and very impressive. Her hardworking personality and real natural beauty have brought her several amazing Glamour Awards. Every leading fashion designer would love to work with Jourdan.


This British actress born in France is known for many roles. Her popularity grew with the popularity of Harry Potter movies where she played the role of Hermione Granger. The child turned into a beautiful woman who continues an impressive movie carrier motivating and influencing millions of women and men from across the planet. The 28-year-old beauty deserves to be on our list.


The beautiful woman from Colombia is well known for her role in Modern Family ABC show. The tall, gorgeous and smart lady attracts many companies that ask her to model for them. She influences Hollywood and motivates many Latinas to achieve success and triumph in their careers.


This great-looking woman has turned 43 years old. She has been one of the top beautiful women for many years in a row. Her beautiful face and impressive body stay the same year after year. She even becomes more amazing as she gains another year.


This American 32-year-old actress has achieved an amazing height in the film industry. She played in many famous movies, was nominated for MTV Movie Awards and received prizes for being one of ‘the best actresses.’ You surely remember her from Thor movie and many other popular films, including Big Momma House 2.


The gentle and talented Keira is a well-known English actress who turned 33 years old this year. She has numerous awards for her wonderful roles in the movies. Her romantic character from Pride and Prejudice, an elegant character from Pirates of the Caribbean and many other roles show her talent. She loves to draw, is good at dancing, and playing musical instruments. The gorgeous woman is considered to be one of the top beauties in the world.


This famed designer, model, and actress from Chennai has turned 32 years old. Lisa is a tall woman with her own unique style. She is always looking contemporary and well remembered for her role in Queen.

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The Grammy-award winner and nominee, famous songwriter and amazing actress Beyonce is known by millions and loved by millions of fans from all over the globe. The impressive appearance, awesome voice, amazing talents make Beyonce one of the most amazing and absolutely beautiful as well as famous Queen B.


The winner of BAFTA, Oscar and many other prestigious awards, actress Anne Hathaway looks really amazing. Her remarkable talent makes her very attractive for millions of people from all across the planet. Her style, beautiful eyes, and fit body deserve an addition to our list of the most beautiful ladies. The star of The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries and other notable films turns 36 years old this fall.


American singer’s beautiful voice and attractive appearance make Lana Del Rey one of the world’s most beautiful women of all times. Even though she was born in 1985, her music style sounds more like the 1980s, but she has a lot of fans who are in love with the beautiful vibes of her voice and her incredible songs.


This is another famous actress from India who looks hot and attracts millions of fans who find her the most beautiful woman on our planet in 2018. She is tall, has many awards in the film industry, wears the honorable title of Miss World 1994 and is best known for playing in movies in different languages, including Hindi and Telugu.


The cute Indian actress has turned 36 years old. She has many awards for her roles. She is also awarded Miss World 2000, which makes her one of the most beautiful and famous Indian women in the world. Besides, her natural beauty and outstanding talents make her one of the top paid Indian actresses.

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We have tried to answer the question: Who’s most beautiful woman in the world in 2018? We have listed 20 celebrities, but, we are sure about one thing, there are many good-looking and naturally beautiful ladies in different countries, and they all deserve being called ‘the most beautiful.’

Do you agree with us?

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