The Emperor Mind Company Unveils Its Cover For The 2018 Edition!!

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The Emperor Mind Company Unveils Its Cover For The 2018 Edition!!  Spellsmedia.comToday, 25th, November, 2018. The Emperor Mind Company (EMC) unveiled its cover for the 2018 edition. The cover image above shares the subjects like —Music, Lifestyle & lots more.
In discussion with the media, the Management talked about the success of signing in Ezra_Hex this year, further stated, “You know, when you sow a seed, you water it; you see it germinate and you watch it grow”. So, we are watering the seed of the brand hoping that it will grow to become a major company. Perhaps, the respond we get from the act encouraged us alots and Hex has promise us a Album which he have been working tirelessly to make sure the tracks are monster hit.

Furthermore, the enthusiasm showed by the fans have also encouraged us to say that this Company will not die; we will continue to grow it.”
“This year, we are expanding our Artist number, we have SA based artist in line who are set and ready to work with the Management Company (EMC) and soon we will be unveiling the Act.
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