Pay Me What You Owe Me – Kenyan Rapper Blasts Former Record Label

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After social media went ablaze just the other day over the drama at Grandpa records that saw an exodus of artists from the label, its seems nothing is yet to change in Kenya’s capital crime city. Yet another rapper has now gone on record to blast his former record label over unpaid fees.

Klin K, who was formerly signed under Candy n Candy records took to twitter to express his dissapointment over the same alleging that some of his projects have never been released including collaborations with Dazlah Kiduche of theKideKidefame. ‘I feel very very betrayed,’ Klin K commented when we reached him to get to the bottom of the matter. I never thought my friends would turn out to be enemies. My former label mates won’t even pick my calls,’ he added.

“At the end of the day, I had to pick myself up as a man and do things my own way. I didn’t receive the Kshs.300,000 owed to me during my three-year contract with the record label despite them selling my music and shows. I was a naive but talented teenager keen to break out into the game and its sad to admit they took advantage of me. I even co-wrote songs forNoti Flowwho was signed to the same label back then. The question is, where is my money for all this?” Klin K implodes.

The 21 year old rapper has since promised to create his own unique music label outfit to keep pushing his music and promised to drop a brand new video for his latest release ‘Black on Black’ exclusively on his youtube channel thisWednesday 5th April. You can watch his songs Youtube and Subscribe HERE

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