MUST READ: 5 Things A Jambite Must Know

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MUST READ: 5 Things A Jambite Must Know

MUST READ: 5 Things A Jambite Must Know
JAMB exam is one of the exams and the core exam that will grant you your admission into the university.

It is a “must-pass” exam for all candidates because you can only use the result for only a year even though I am hearing rumours that the result will be valid for three years which to me, doesn’t make sense. If you check one of my post on this blog, i posted about tips that will help you to pass your exams easily. You can read it here. This post is all about basic things you need to know as a Jambite if you want a successful admission. I assure you that knowing this things will give you edge over other candidates.

The following are things you should know as a Jambite for a successful admission;

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1. Make some research before choosing a school:

Most candidates will just choose a school without even knowing about the school. You should choose a school because of the fine building, name, reputation or because you want to be far from home ( this is common among students). All this motives will make you regret later. The best school in the country does not guarantee the best graduating student in the country, you should take note of that. If you want to know things you should consider before choosing a school, it is not far-fetched, i have already posted about it on this blog, you can read it here.

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2. Know the age requirement of your school:

I have seen alot of students being denied admission just because he was below the age requirement of the school. I know you don’t want that. It is actually an embarrassing situation when you meet up with the cut-off mark but disqualified because of your age. The age requirement for most schools is that you must be 16 on or before October 1st. I will advise those who won’t be 16 on or before October 1st should not register for JAMB. It is better if you save your money and save the embarrassment.

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3. Know the catchment areas of your school:

Many candidates will just apply for a particular school without even knowing the catchment areas of the school.

To those who don’t know what i mean by catchment areas,i will explain. Catchment areas are areas/states the school will favour admission the most. You need illustration? Okay!

Mr A from Sokoto state got 260 in JAMB while Mr B from Lagos state also got 260 in JAMB, so at a point where it remain only one slot for admission, schools like OAU and UNILAG will favor Mr B from Lagos state while schools like UNIMAID will favor Mr A from Sokoto state. This is because of the catchment areas of the school. Understood? Good!

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4. Know the subject combination for your course:

Most candidates usually fall victim to this. Subject combination for your course are things you must carefully look out for. I know of a candidate that was not offered admission just because of the wrong subject combination for his course. I know you won’t want that to happen to you, so it is advisable you take your time to check JAMB Brochure for your course subject combination.

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5. Know the usefulness of the JAMB syllabus:

I will urge you to know the usefulness of the JAMB syllabus. It is one of the key you need to have an extremely high score in your JAMB exam. I know what i am talking about because I have also experience it before. The JAMB syllabus entails the topics you should read for each subjects. You don’t have to read a whole textbook to pass JAMB exam. Remember that smart work +hardwork will give a successful JAMB score.

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