List Of The Most Educated Country In Africa In 2018

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List Of The Most Educated Country In Africa In 2018

Education and progress are closely related, and this is understood by nations from all over the globe. Which is the most educated country in Africa 2018? Let us look at our continent and compare its education level with the rest of the world.

Education in Africa

It is not a secret that only educated people can make progress, help develop their country and increase the economics. Territories with a big number of citizens who are not literate and not educated suffer the most from high levels of unemployment and bad economy.

The African continent is a ‘collection’ of contrasts. Some countries are developing quickly and others cannot boast quick improvements. In many African countries, most families live below the poverty line. Their children do not go to school, cannot write and read and do not seem to get any opportunities for education in the near future.

The examples of the most educated countries that lead the world and the world’s progress today should motivate others to improve their education systems and get more literate men and women.

Thanks to annual reports and surveys made by international organizations, we can get an idea which country is the most educated on the planet and in Africa in 2018.

The country with most educated population in Africa

We don’t know if you can guess the answer to the question ‘Which is the most educated country in Africa in 2018?’ The answer is simple. It is South Africa. Are you surprised?

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According to, South Africa is the most educated country in Africa in 2018. This country is the only one in Africa listed by OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) as one of the top 40 most educated countries in the world.

Based on the infographics shared by OECD, South Africa has about 6 percent of people who are between 25-34 years old who have obtained any kind of tertiary education through vocational schools, colleges, universities or other higher educational institutions after school.

By the way, South Africa was also added to the top 3 most literate African countries in 2015, according to It was listed along with Equatorial Guinea and Seychelles as the nation which boasted about 95 percent of literacy rate among people who were at least 15 years old and older.

At the same time, there were some reports about nearly 30 percent of younger people (under 15 years old) being illiterate and without reading comprehension skills. This was explained by the educational system that supports education in African language until third grade and education in English language starting from the fourth grade.

What is the most educated country in the world?

Based on OECD report, Korea tops the list of the most educated countries in the world with over 69 percent of adult women and men (ages 25-34) who have gotten any type of education after graduating from their high schools.

In terms of the number of people with tertiary education, Korea is followed by Canada and Japan.

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You have learned the name of the most educated country in Africa based on the information shared by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Since OECD data is constantly updated, we hope to see more African countries on the list of the most literate nations across the globe in the future.

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