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Introducing DOCA Nigeria

Ride-hailing or E-hailing is a term to describe booking rides and paying for car service through a smartphone app. The DOCA’s unique model ensures Riders save money and Drivers go home with all fares charged without any commission.  
For drivers DOCA is a ‘Pay As You Use’ – subscription based application. Doca presents something completely unique for the Drivers’ business that were not there before. It delivers WINS for both the Rider and the Driver.
What makes Doca unique from E-hailing apps? Firstly, DOCA is a well thought out, well modelled and all parties centric app. The Drivers challenges are addressed. Doca is an acronym which stands for Drivers Owned Company App (DOCA). 
Four Simple Steps To Go Doca
Step 1: Pin your location and request a ride. The nearest Doca driver in your location will be dispatched immediately to you.
Step 2: Your driver’s details are sent to you immediately for your safety
Step 3: Get notification when driver is at your location
Step 4: Hop into the ride to your destination and make payment.
Frequently Asked Questions
1) What makes DOCA unique from a regular taxi?
Three things: Safety, convenience and quickness. Imagine going into a taxi without fear because someone else (DOCA TECH LTD) apart from you and the taxi driver knows you, knows the taxi driver, knows you got into the taxi and can track the location of the taxi; or imagine not having to stand under that hot sun or pouring rain anymore to hail a taxi or the long wait on the roadside just to get one.
2) How can I use DOCA to get a ride?
Very easy! Go to android app store, search ‘DOCA’ and download it, e. Next hit the ‘request ride’ button and the closest DOCA Driver accepts your request. After you reach your destination, you make payment.
3) Is a Doca-Ride safe?
Yes. The safety of our riders and drivers is paramount. Most of our Drivers are members of the National Union of Professional e-hailing Drivers Partners (NUPEDP). We run extensive background checks on auto drivers. Besides, members are requested to provide a valid phone number and some personal information for identity verification purposes. SOS feature on the app is an additional feature. There is also usually an exchange of personal details (like names, car plate number and phone number) between the driver and the passenger(s) before any pick up is made.
4) How long does a ride take to get to me after I request one?
Within 10 to 15 minutes of requesting a ride, wherever you are in the city, we cover you should have a ride available.
5) Can I communicate with the driver after requesting a ride to be sure he is on his way or better give him direction to my location?
Yes. Once a driver accepts your request, you immediately see the ‘CALL AND MESSAGE’ icons displayed on the app. This allows you to communicate with the driver coming to you.
6) What are your fares?
The Drivers fixed fares ensures that while the Drivers make more money, the Riders Save. To have a good estimate for your trip, please check our price feature on the app.
7) What are your payment options?
Our Drivers accept both card and cash payments; however we strongly advise our members to use cards in order to avoid issues with collecting change from drivers and delays after each ride.
8) Do I get charged when the driver is coming to me?
No. A Doca driver only starts running the meter for charges after picking up the passenger.
9) If I ask a driver to wait for me during a ride, maybe to quickly grab some food or say hello to a friend, do I get a separate charge?
Our ride time starts once the app meter begins to read so if you ask the driver to wait, there is no separate charge but there will be an embedded per minute wait time charge included in your total ride charge on the app.
10) My fare calculation was incorrect and I was overcharged; what should I do?
Our app uses “THE TAXI METER” to calculate the distance traveled and it is always 99.9% accurate. However we understand that once in a while irregularities may occur and our programmers are actively and constantly working on this. In case you have this issue, please quickly send us an email at and we will refund you the difference.
11) I can no longer use my app to request a ride and I don’t know why. What happened?
If you have this issue for more than a day or two on the same account, it is likely that you may have violated our terms of service and your account may have been flagged for inappropriate use of our app. You should send us an email at to resolve the problem.
12) I am not satisfied with the service I got or I have a suggestion for your app.
If you are unsatisfied with our services in any way or have some suggestions for us, please kindly contact and we will immediately attend to your mail and make necessary changes.
For enquiries please visit or email

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