Common Relationship Problem You Can’t Avoid and How To Solve Them

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Common Relationship Problem You Can’t Avoid and How To Solve Them

Hey guys, you welcome back. Today, I did be sharing with you Common Relationship Problem You Can’t Avoid and How To Solve Them.

I understand the fact that you want your relationship to be the relationship problem free type. Yeah, that’s interesting, but the fact still remains ‘your relationship can never be problem free’
Yes, every relationship has its good side, and problems, and every relationship problem have a solution. Sometimes all it takes are just a change of attitude or an adjustment in your lifestyle, but it definitely starts with you finding out the source of the problem only then can you prefer the best solution to the problem.

Even though every relationship has its ups and downs, successful couples have learned how to manage the bumps and keep their love life going.
In every relationship, there are problems that will threaten us and they are in one way or the other killing us.

I have a good news for you; the good news is that those problems can be solve.
I presume that the reason why you’re in a relationship with him or her is because you love something about that person and if this love still exist, you’ll always learn tolerate.

Hey bro, this your intro is getting too longer joor, pls go straight to the point

Okkk…. You will learn a lot of things here today. In this article, I’ll not just tell you about these/your problems, but I’ll also tell you about how you can solve them.
Now let’s go…

Here Are The Common Relationship Problem You Can’t Avoid and How To Solve Them

Trust is my number one problem on the list because it is a key part of a relationship. As a partner, if you see your lover going contrary to some certain promises made by him/her, from that moment the trust you had for them depreciates with little percent and this will become a problem if not resolved maturely.

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* Always try to be consistent
* Do what you say you will do
* Don’t lie — not even little white lies to your partner or to others.
* Be fair, even in an argument.
* Call when you say you will.
* Call to say you’ll be home late.
* Don’t over-react when things go wrong.
* Never say things you can’t take back.
* Don’t dig up old wounds.
* Respect your partner’s boundaries.
* Don’t be jealous.

Lack of conversation and discussion is also a major cause of relationship problem.
People often complain that they no longer seem to talk to their partners. But if you get out of the habit of discussing things with your spouse, you’ll end up like those couples in restaurants who have nothing to say to each other except, ‘this meal is very nice’. One of the greatest joys in a good relationship is verbal communication. Don’t lose it!

* Be open minded and try to be vocal
* Try to create time (even out of no time)
* Watch the news together
* Read the papers and then discuss
* Save up bits of gossip or information that you can talk about together
* Be a good listener.


The act ‘romance’ play a very vital role in a healthy relationship. Remember, when we are first together as couples/partner, we tend to be romantic. We ring up just to say ‘I love you’. We leave notes for each other to find. Unfortunately, real life can get in the way of romance, and we can find that we’ve lost the romantic habit without even realising it.


* Always kiss your partner before leaving the house
* Hold hands when you watch television. Give each other compliments.
* Make sure you get out for a ‘date’ once a week – even if you have children and have to get a babysitter.
* An evening to yourselves where you ban all talk of the kids can work wonders

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4. SEX:
Yes, Sex! There are some partners that face this problem often. Even the best of relationships have issues, Lack of sexual satisfaction, self-awareness, and insufficient sex education can put your relationship in the dark. But don’t give up on sex because our bodies both physically and mentally need this chemistry and it keeps us healthy and going. Another point is that sometimes one partner won’t be interested that moment while the other is dying for it. It becomes a problem.

* PLAN! Plan for it don’t just think it will happen anyways, most people make that mistake.
* When you make sex part of your priority it increases your anticipation for it.
* Understand your partner’s body and what turns them on, be creative about it and come up with new ideas of things you both want to experiment.
* If you can’t seem to get it right you can seek help from a professional or sex therapist

There is nothing wrong with jealousy if it is only mere insecurity. But if it is a never-ending one, it is not good in a relationship for it will eventually lead to a relationship problem.
It is not a sin to be jealous, it is an ordinary feeling or emotion. But when this negative emotion becomes morbid, then it is a big deal and this can be diagnosed as psychiatric disorder.

* Build trust to avoid jealousy
* Learn to be sensitive to the feeling of your partner
* When she/he is sometimes, jealous or insecure, it’s normal. Just avoid the thing that can make him/her jealous.
PS: When he/she is jealous all the time, it is the right time to reconsider your relationship. For you cannot live happily with the jealous guy.

Hey Buddy, and you think these solution will solve my relationship problem?

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Sure! It will definitely solve your problems, if not all then at least 89.6% of your relationship problem will be solve.

Actually, there are over forty common relationship problem relationship of today are facing, but am only here today with the top four common relationship problem you can’t avoid and how to solve them.

I will be writing on the rest problem later on my web log @ RelationshipNest but I will try to list few of them here before leaving.

Below are list of common relationship problem you are likely to face in your relationship;

Time issue

Money issue






Mr. or Miss Right

Struggles Over Home Chores

Not Making Your Relationship a Priority

You don’t like their parents (or viceversa)

You have a hard time relating to your partner’s issues

You feel you’re giving away too much (and getting back too little)

You feel insecure about your future together

You don’t like their friends (or they don’t like you)….


Relationships can be perfect. But that doesn’t mean it won’t have its problems. Problems in a relationship can come and go, but if you ever come face to face with these 5 big and common problems in your relationship, don’t overlook it. It could cost you the relationship itself.
Find out the big problems in your relationship and learn how to fix it.
Meet me on my blog at , there we will discusse a lot on relationship.

Did you find the above article ( Common Relationship Problem You Can’t Avoid and How To Solve Them ) helpful?
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