Check Out The Top 6 English Premier League Clubs And See Where Your Team Ranks

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Check Out The Top 6 English Premier League Clubs And See Where Your Team Ranks

Premier League title remains the ultimate prize of all 20 clubs participating in the competition season in, season out. However, other clubs that miss out of the title have a few other consolations to hold on to at the end of the season.

For the top six teams, playing in Europe (Champions League and Europa League) keep them fighting.

While the rest get their share of the TV Rights and other monetary values attached to participating in the league.

And this are few of the reasons football fans continue to engage in heated arguments as to who gets what at the end of each season.

Below are

6. Tottenham Hotspurs

Based on the size ranking, it’s fair to say that Spurs are currently punching above their weight in the Premier League.

However, they find themselves just outside the top 4 due to a big UK fan base as well as their consistent recent achievements.

Some may scoff at the lack of silverware but Mauricio Pochettino’s men have done incredibly well to qualify for the Champions League spots for 3 consecutive seasons on a shoe-string budget.

Their new, modern, 62 000 capacity stadium should take the club to new levels in the years to come.

5. Manchester City

If the rankings were based purely on financial clout and recent achievements, City would probably rank 1st.

They are blessed with the best manager currently as well as a staggering array of talented players.

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However, it’s very much a case of trying to make up for lost time as they don’t boast as rich a history as their rivals.

Their global reach is relatively mediocre as well.

It seems money can’t buy you friends as fast as the silverware.

4. Chelsea

It’s only fitting that City and Chelsea rank so closely. Before the Sheikhs came to town, Roman Abramovich was the Premier League’s wealthiest owner.

He invested wisely and took Chelsea to the next level as they won 5 domestic league titles as well as the coveted Uefa Champions League.

Just bubbling under but they can’t quite cut the mustard into the top 3 due to a less rich history and lower popularity in the UK.
They pale in comparison to their rivals in terms of financial clout, silverware and history.

3. Arsenal

Competition is fierce in London but the Gunners are definitely the city’s biggest club.

Their recent achievements have been mediocre but prior to that boasted an incredible run of consecutive top 4 finishes.

Taking into account their 13 domestic league titles and 13 FA cups victories, they definitely boast a rich pedigree.

2. Liverpool

Liverpool rank highest in terms of history and very high in global reach. Backed by billionaires, FSG, the club’s financial position is as strong as its ever been.

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Regarded as European royalty, no other English club has won the Champions League as many times (5).

Their trophy cabinet is also stocked with 3 Uefa Cups as well as 18 league titles.

They fall short of the mark in terms of recent achievements though, as they haven’t won a league title in 28 long years.

However, football fans the world over will never forget the night they won that 5th UCL title – that famous night in Istanbul when they came back from 3 goals down to AC Milan.

1. Manchester United

United can boast it all – a rich history, massive global fan base, incredible wealth and recent achievements (well, not that recent).

Not only are they the biggest club in England, but the biggest in the world.

Matt Busby played a major role in building the dynasty in the 1960s.

After a long period of mediocrity, the sleeping giant awoke under Sir Alex Ferguson as he took them to unprecedented success in the 1990s and new millennium.

The last few years haven’t been great for United supporters in the post-Fergie era.

Despite this, they overtook Real Madrid as the richest club in the world in 2017.

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