Why Celebrities Don’t Follow Back On Social Media (See Why)

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Why Celebrities Don’t Follow Back On Social Media (See Why)
Some celebrities won’t even follow their colleagues or people they do business with, I understand that some fans are annoying and might not add value to them.

Some are busy, yes. They have to prepare for their performance on stage, touring, business campaigns and all but does that rule out the fact that there are two sides to a relationship.

It won’t matter if you are very proficient and successful at your endeavour with no one celebrating you. We follow celebrities because we believe in them, in their dream. We value them, we respect them and we recognize their hard work but what do we get?

Some fans dedicate their page to promoting,commending and valuing the works of their favourite celebrity but this is not even recognised at all.Cant we just do some things out of affection without asking anything in return? Of Course we can but you agree with me that appreciation and acknowledgement rekindle the already burning fire in us.

Look at this case where someone has over 3 million followers on twitter and is following nobody. Does this mean not even one person is worth following among the followers. That’s not true.

Of course we cant follow just about anyone that follows us. Even ordinary people(relevant not just celebrities) selects who they make friends with.

Celebrities might not be able to follow everyone, like their content as well or reply their direct messages but should stop neglecting people, fans especially. Let them know that they are important too and maybe once in a while appreciate your audience and thank them for their support(not just when you win an award, vote or a big project)
Also, to fans that thinks celebrities are super human ***newsflash*** they are human too and should be treated as such. They have faults, they make mistakes, they take wrong decisions, they have feelings too and should be given the chance to express themselves,

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