AUDIO: Nutty Josh – Dear Broke Girl

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Dear broke girl,
– [ ] I know your soul weeps every time you got a need that you couldnt meet,
– [ ] some m times u go empty cos u couldn’t feed,and other times the thought of suicide was all you really feel ,
I know you hardly sleep, I know the pains deep and I know your heart bleeds;
Knowing the next day’s prolly repeat; Another story of a broken girl facing defeat.
All she ever wanted was clothes and the little things that mattered, but down in the valley of disappointment dreams shatter and hope is battered, A once beautiful girl now tattered.
Someone asked about her parents and I told’em they was old, she was the only hope, taking fire like soldiers, parental responsibilities placed on a little girl’s shoulders.
Now she thinking, tryna sail the oceans but the boat keep sinking, she keeps wondering why God would leave her love ones hanging.
Maybe it was meant to be fate, every man want a piece of the cake, So maybe she should let em have it and blame it all on mistakes;
At least she’d solve a problem cos mom and dad were dying and she wasn’t gonna let them.
She wasn’t thinking properly, tired of the poverty,
Thoughts of prostitution started messing with her morally,
Sexually abused by the people she believing in’
She’s used be hopeful but it fades out eventually;
Now she’s reading through the bible tryna ask for instructions; Cos the path she’s on is surely dammed for distruction;
Staring into heaven tryna understand why, tryna ask God questions, if he’s really still there she’s gon need some signs;
Something like conviction, something like a vision, something that would separate the real from a fiction, she wasn’t ask for nothing she just wanna understand, just wanna know his plan, cos life has been unbearable he’s godda understand and then she looked again to heaven and she heard voice saying..
Dear broke girl, don’t loose your hope girl, I know you sad, I know you mad but you don’t loose your soul girl ;
Believe that you gon grow girl and look up to God surely he’s gon take control girl.

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