7 Things Nigerian Men Must Stop Doing In 2017

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Although many people started the year with new resolutions and things that they hope to change, we all know how far these resolutions go. By the middle of the month, many people would probably have forgotten the first letter of their most prioritized goal.

While we are all striving to make the most out of our lives this new year, there are certain areas that need to be checked. Since men pride themselves as the head in relationships, it will be great for them to have their lifestyle changed.

Nigerian men need a new orientation if they do not want to trade their positions as leaders. Women are tired of being with men who do not know their responsibilities in relationships and marriages. Parents are not proud of men who have refused to leave their boyish attitudes by being reckless and daring with the opportunities of life.

After reading through this piece, you will agree that Nigerian men need to step up and assume their roles as leaders in the society. They should at least leave out the odd things of life and live lives that will make them real men.

Find below some of the things that Nigerian men must by no doubt stop doing in 2017:

1. Stop placing bets

If you are well above the age of 30, then you should have goals in life. It is hoped that the goals should not include betting in any way as you tend to make other people rich in the process.

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It is pathetic that many Nigerian men sit around all day placing bets when they could have invested their money in good businesses that will fetch them good deals.

As a matter of fact, Nigerian men should stop patronising money doubling ventures with profit margins that are unrealistic or cannot be explained.

2. Avoid being childish

There are some things that men should not be caught doing. The same way men think certain traits and attributes are exclusive to women, women find it ridiculous when men are caught doing some silly things.

If you are part of the men who post selfies on social media pages without being into modelling, then your integrity is at stake.

Real men are expected to be responsible and busy creating ideas that will launch them forward. Avoid fighting and constituting public nuisance.

There is no way ladies will take you serious when you keep posting pictures of yourself online. Some women are so busy they do not have the time to look in the mirror; not desisting from this habit will make people look at you as being jobless.

3. Stop being petty

Some Nigerian men no doubt need to be lectured on the need to be forgiving. While no one is asking you to act dumb or silly, you should try as much as possible to learn to overlook things.

Some Nigerian men would always win if they were asked to engage in a word fight with women. Women want men that are calm and well collected, not men with low self esteem that will not stop ranting.

4. Do not sleep with women you do not love

It is hoped that Nigerian men would grow and give up on some of their lifestyles. There is no gain in sleeping with many women at a time.

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Apart from the fact that there are viral diseases out there, sleeping with women you do not love does not add any value to your life. In present times, women do not come in cheap; stop wasting your time by exploiting women.

5. Stop being irresponsible fathers and husbands

There are so many Nigerian men who miss out on important events in their children’s lives. They are hardly around for school meetings, they forget their children’s birthdays and fail as husbands to their wives.

While it is important to hustle and make money for the family, this should not be at the detriment of other sectors. Stop being absentee fathers; play your role as fathers and husbands.

Taking care of your children will help you to be more cautious in life as you cannot afford to take risks that may jeopardize their future.

6. Stop relying on miracles

Although we are quite sanctimonious in this part of the world, it is expected that men should be hard working and not subject their immediate family members to a life of poverty. Nigerian men should be diligent and stop looking for money they have not worked for.

They should endeavor to get decent jobs and have good life ambitions. They should aspire to make efforts to change their lives instead of hoping for a miracle.

7. Stop being bachelors

Nigerian men who are well above the age of 35 and are unmarried should do something about their status. Life should have a different meaning at that age.

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Being married has many advantages! You tend to save more and become emotionally stable. There is no joy in eating junk foods that have adverse impacts on your health.
They should do things that are age appropriate and strive for greatness as they do so. It is hoped that Nigerian men that are unmarried will get a wife and get a life!

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