Here Are 7 Reasons Why Women Date Married Men

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Here Are 7 Reasons Why Women Date Married Men

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Women Date Married Men
In general, married men arise emotions that cause a lot of adrenaline by being clandestine, full of secrets and much $exual fantasy, so it is easy for many ladies to fall because that way they break the routine but usually these stories have a bad ending and many suffer along the way.

But what are the psychological reasons why a woman decides to date a married man? According to research here are some reasons why ladies date married men.

Low self-esteem: “Women who have been abused in childhood, especially by their mother, and have been criticised severely because of their physical characteristics, or have been seen as dumb and unworthy of good things, learn to remain little; they look for bad relationships from friends, work, and other aspects of their lives, but they especially choose married men to continue punishing themselves as adults did during their childhood which is why they must learn to find true pain, to forgive the past and thus to give themselves a place of real affection”.

S3xual abuse: “This is one of the many sequels left by child s3xual abuse especially if it is by incest of the father; by having a married man, it is a way to keep abuse as a self-punishment, the shame and guilt of abuse prevent her from being with a free man and only with psychological help, she can get out of this trauma”.

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Inferiority complex: “Some women do so because they have a strong inferiority complex, due to childhood traumas, they believe that by having a clandestine relationship and maintaining the lies they can reap benefits of the married lover, such as giving them more pampering and giving them special gifts in order to keep the secret and not betray the relationship with the wife and children and in this way, they seem to feel strong and win the wife an emotional battle”.
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Loss of the father: “They have lost their father through divorce, death, abandonment, violence or addiction and they try to compensate their pain with a man who already has family and children, they make a s3x exchange for paternal affection”.

Difficulty in socialising and making new relationships:“They have been very spoiled and have had everything, especially those who have grown up without limits, did not learn to resolve conflicts; therefore they do not know how to have good interpersonal relationships and when a married conqueror appears, they fall into the relationship so that they do not have to do much, they adapt and let themselves be loved, regardless of social or m0ral”.

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Dazzling: “They feel dazzled to see their friends or other women nearby who tell her how wonderful it is with their married lovers, travel, eat in nice places, have expensive gifts, in some cases car and apartment and many other benefits and they try to do the same to enjoy that magical life that they are told, they join the trend too”.

Comfort in the couple relationship:“Some women bring a lot of tiredness from previous bad relationships, where they had to work a lot physically for the man like to serve him, to iron, to cook, to take care of them in excess and were not valued, they separate from that relationship and then prefer to make a new one with little commitment and let it be just to enjoy s3x and a good time, and not repeating the sad story of serving so a married man fits very well with her new aspirations”.

Lastly, sometimes they don’t know that the man is married.

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