10 Ultimate Ways to Find Out If You’re Intelligent

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Do you believe or think that you are intelligent? Here are 10 ultimate, but easy ways to prove whether you are intelligent or not.
10 Ultimate Ways to Find Out If You’re Intelligent

According to an author of books on spiritual intelligence and leadership, Awdhesh Singh, the following are some questions that can help you know if you are really intelligent.

• Can you solve real life problems?
The intelligent people are good at solving the real-life problems. These are quite different from the text-book problems, where the right answer is already known and every problem is simplified to a mathematical problem. In real world, no situation is ever same. Even when the problem is the same, the persons and situations are different. Hence, you must be really intelligent to find solutions to the real-life problems which are always unique and whose accuracy is known only in future.

• Do you choose the right people for right job?
When it comes to solving problem, it is impossible for anyone to know the right answers to all the problems. However, an intelligent person knows quite well as to who is the right person to solve a problem. He chooses the right person for the right job and solves every problem quickly and effectively.

• Do you often succeed in achieving your goal?
Ordinary people are always driven by the motivation of others who often fool them by telling things like‘nothing is impossible’, ‘you can do anything in your life’, ‘be always positive and optimistic,’etc. Intelligent people know themselves so accurately they know exactly where they are good and where they are not. They strive only for such goals which are within their ambit and their chances of success are reasonably good. Hence their successes are always more than their failures.

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• Are your creative?
Intelligence is impossible without creativity. An intelligent person is highly creative as he never repeats the same mistake twice. An intelligent person always discovers another method, if the present method does not work.

• Are you happy?
If you are not happy with your life, you are surely not intelligent. It is because your first goal of life is to be happy and as an intelligent person, you must know what makes you happy and how can you achieve happiness for self and others. If you are frustrated with life, you perhaps don’t understand yourself and the world. Under such situation, how can you be called intelligent?

• Can you synthesize knowledge?
Intelligent people are not great scholars. They are rarely highly educated from the top business schools. They don’t waste their time learning something which they are never going to use. They can learn from anyone and from everyone. They can use the knowledge of one field in another domain. They are not domain expert but experts of life. They see unity in diversity. If you can use your knowledge of art in science and the theories of science in religion, you are intelligent. If you can’t discover the connections between disparate things, you can’t be called intelligent.

• Can you work with people smarter than you?
Intelligent people are not the most brilliant people. They often have poor memories and slow analytical power. The stories of forgetfulness of Einstein and Newton are well known. However, they have the ‘knowledge of knowledge’. They have the macro-picture of the world and they know how individual things fit into its proper place. Hence when they meet smarter and more successful people, they don’t feel inferior but rather use their strengths to achieve their objectives.

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• Can you predict future accurately?
While most people find the future quite unpredictable, the intelligent people already know the future before it comes. Hence, they are always ready for the future. Because of their accurate knowledge of the people and the laws of the world, they not only predict the future but also make their future. While their predictions may not always be absolutely correct, but like good archers, they always shoot the arrows very near to the bull’s eye.

• Can you prevent problems?
While ordinary people solve the problems as and when they arise, the intelligent people can prevent the problem itself due to their accurate knowledge of the cause and effect. They know that nothing happens in this world at random and that everything happens due to some cause. Hence by preventing the causes proactively, they can prevent the birth of problem itself.
The bottom line: If you feel that you possess most of these qualities, you are highly intelligent notwithstanding your academic qualification, your IQ score or your income.

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