10 Most Impressive Health Benefits and Side Effects of Bitter Kola

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10 Most Impressive Health Benefits and Side Effects of Bitter Kola

Garcinia or bitter kola like many other plants is used for non-traditional medical treatment all over the world. Anyone who desires to consume these nuts for theR@peutic purposes should learn more about bitter kola health benefits and side effects. Get ready to explore some possible advantages and disadvantages of this natural product to personal health.

Health benefits and side effects of bitter kola

Garcinia kola is an evergreen tree that grows in Nigeria as well as other African countries. The second name this plant has is bitter kola since these nuts have a bitter taste that slowly turns into sweetened taste when you chew them.

For many centuries, the tree bark, green leaves, bitter nuts, and fruit of this evergreen plant are used by communities, tribes and Africans to treat different conditions, from a regular cough to extreme fever. That is why knowing bitter kola health benefits and side effects is must-have for every individual who would love to eat bitter kola for health purposes or add it to meals as a flavouring ingredient.

Health benefits of bitter kola

It is possible to use garcinia kola to ease different medical conditions for a short period. This might work for depressions, fatigue problems, atonic diarrhea, migraine, and in some other situations.

So let us talk about health benefits of bitter kola and let us find out how many bitter kola a day you can eat with no consequences to your health.

  • Weight loss effect – those of us who are on a special diet and wish to lose some extra weight can add bitter kola nuts to their meals and experience fewer food cravings throughout the day; using nuts as a snack can also help reduce hunger between meals.
  • Fighting with infertility – Nigerian women who experience infertility problems sometimes eat garcinia kola nuts to improve fertility.
  • Curing eyes – some people who have glaucoma search for different natural treatments pay great attention to kola nuts. So if you spend a lot of time working at night or have significant pressure on your eyes you might also want to low down this pressure by taking bitter kola nuts.
  • Curing fever and cold – during fall and winter time it can be useful to add bitter kola to your meals to enhance lungs functions and fight with different seasonal illnesses such as flue, cold and fever.
  • Preventing malaria – this disease is a big problem in African countries, so think about eating bitter kola a day for short-terms to prevent malaria, just don’t consume too many nuts, because such attitude can cause some very unpleasant side effects instead of healthier changes you are looking into.
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How many bitter kola a day to consume if you are willing to enjoy the positive changes? A small number of nuts as a snack between meals can be great for you, but don’t overeat garcinia kola if you want to experience only health advantages and not visa versa.

Bitter kola side effects

Nigerian men and women love to enhance everyday meals with garcinia kola nuts as they hope for the positive effect on their health. However, sometimes this plant can lead to some side effects. Let us see what you should keep in mind every time you wish to eat too many nuts.

Take a look at some of the most severe bitter kola side effects you might face if you consume huge doses of nuts:

  • Potential risk of cancer – it might be risky to chew huge amounts of garcinia kola nuts because they can potentially cause some types of cancer (for example, gastrointestinal, abdominal or mouth disease).
  • Risk of death – some people should not overconsume caffeine products, and this element is a part of kola nuts, so don’t add them to your meals if you experience pains or are concerned with your heart health and your doctor recommends you to avoid caffeine.
  • Development of glaucoma – while small amounts of nuts might help to prevent glaucoma, big quantities or your health issues might actually cause problems with your eyes.
  • Bad diarrhea – too many bitter nuts can lead to such side effect as diarrhea.
  • Possible blood clotting and high sugar levels – patients with diabetes and people who experience periodical bleedings should avoid eating garcinia kola nuts because these products can cause problems with digestive system (when your body stops digesting sugar and it raises in your blood) and even blood clotting.
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Kola nuts have caffeine and other elements that can influence human nervous system, have a positive or negative effect on muscle system and heart.

Knowing the main health benefits and side effects of bitter kola is great. You need to take care of your health but avoid harming yourself.

Remember that even adding different plants that are used in folk medicine to your meals can be hazardous, so talk to your doctor before you start eating bitter kola nuts. Your doctor will advise you how many bitter kola a day you can take, based on your medical history.

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