10 Lies All Nigerians Can Relate To

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You may not believe it but here are 10 simple lies you always tell:

1. How are you? “I’m fine.”
Everyone says they’re fine even when they are not.

2. Wake up call and you turn off the alarm saying “5 Minutes.”

3. How much did you drink? “Just one bottle.”

4. So you deleted my number? “No, I got a new phone and lost most of my contacts.”

5. Sorry, I can’t make it. “It’s okay, I understand.”

6. What’s your specs? “Looks aren’t that important to me.”
Lol, who are we kidding? They are!

7. We haven’t seen you at the office. “Sorry, I’m down with a cold.”

8. Abeg loan me 5k. “I no get.”

9. When you fart (aka mess) in the bus and everyone looks your way. “It wasn’t me.”
And you’d still be forming “offended”.

10. When you keep someone waiting longer than usual. “Guy na traffic, no vex.”

But the road was free

Oya, which of these lies have you told?

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