• 10 Signs You’re Not At All Ready For A Relationship

    Is it time to take a break from the search for a partner? If you find yourself frustrated and unsuccessful in dating, it could be that you are really not ready for a relationship. You may feel a bit lonely or feel the pressure of family or peers to be a couple, but you may ...
  • Here Are 5 Signs You Are In The Right Relationship

    *.You give each other m0ral support When your friends and family want to see you and your partner together, there is something to savor. Sometimes outside perspective is needed to see things you are too close and emotionally invested in to appreciate or view clearly. Don’t base the value of your relationship on the opinion ...
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    1. YOU POST ALL YOUR MOMENTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA:Close friends likely don’t mind seeing photos of the two of you all dressed up at a wedding or on a tropical vacation together. But it’s not necessary to make your boyfriend your ‘Man Crush Monday’ every single week. In fact, consider it a social media mistake. ...
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    You see some cute couples doing some ‘awww’ worthy stuff online and immediately you think Relationship goals. Some things might seem so cute in pictures and videos but in real life they are not half as cute as you deem they are, things like… 1. GOING ON A TRIP AND VACATION TOGETHER:Going on vacation with ...