• 5 Secret Communication Codes Women Use For Men

    If everyone gets a kobo for every time they hear someone say ‘women are too difficult to understand’, we’ll all be millionaires by now. Clearly there’s a true/untrue belief out there that many women are so difficult to understand and that as a man, you’d need some form of heightened sensitivity to always decipher what ...
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    Although many people started the year with new resolutions and things that they hope to change, we all know how far these resolutions go. By the middle of the month, many people would probably have forgotten the first letter of their most prioritized goal. While we are all striving to make the most out of ...
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    Christian men what are you looking for? When left to our own devices, it causes women to question and wonder why. And here are a few theories that I’ve found currently floating around this topic: 1. Savior Complex Could it be that some Christian men pursue women outside of the church because of the savior ...