8 Hot Messages Girls Like to Receive From Their Boyfriends at Night

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It’s difficult to explain why girls love to see a message from you before you go to bed even if you’ve spent the entire day together.

So whether it is a good night or “I reached home safe honey”, girls expect and wait for a text from you at night.

Ladies, here are 5 ways his Whatsapp chats say he loves you.

And then they hope that someday you’ll be able to send them the messages they hope to read at night. Believe me, it’s nothing to do with S3@.x:’ting but on similar lines. If you are still thinking what exactly it is that’ll melt your girl’s heart, here are some messages she’s like to receive from you at night:

1.That DP is so seductive. I want to kiss those lips right away.

2.When are we making out again? Can’t wait after we had such an amazing time last week!

3.I wish I could snuggle with you in my blanket on this cold night, N@kkd of course (wink)

4.Saw that electric blue bra strap peeping out today. Can’t wait to see you in that bra again.

5.Can you wear those pink hot P@nts the next time we make out? Your ass looks irresistible in it.

6.You should be punished for making me so desperate to be with you. Next time I am going to use the handcuffs on you.

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7.Do you know you have curves that are fatal? I try to tread carefully each time.

8.Can’t wait to see you at my place tomorrow night. And btw, accept my apology in advance coz I am going to be super N@ughty tomorrow (wink)

Basically, girls love everything cute and mushy. They love to be complimented even when it comes to their performance in bed. So a S3@.x:’y compliment text is your gate pass to an even better performance the next time.


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